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Sep. 28th - Oct. 1st, 2017Event

Europäische Kinder - und Jugendbuchmesse 2017

The European Children’s Book Fair showcases trends in European publishing and e-literature for a young French-German audience, with 35 international exhibitors and 10,000 visitors. Some of the 150 events are part of the Transbook project and its artists mobility programme.

« Books build bridges » is the permanent motto of the Europäische Kinder-und Jugendbuchmesse – the European Children’s Book Fair. All over Europe, it builds book bridges without borders between cultures and generations to promote education, tolerance and to inspire the imagination in a globalized world. A new group of European guests of honour and new key literary topics each year, together with the meetings presenting authors from the European countries involved and 146 readings over three days, bring the bridge-building metaphor for this fair to life.

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