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Dec. 4th, 2017Événement

European conference - children’s representation in literature

Open to all and specifically targeted to book, culture and childhood professionals, this multidisciplinary conference, organised by Transbook, a European project, is a unique opportunity to learn more, share viewpoints and re-think approaches to creation and children’s publishing.

Re-thinking the status of children in society

Children’s literature, while mainly written by adults, does not only tell stories inspired by children; it also reveals how society interprets, values and determines their role in the world.

Children, a very popular interest in today’s society, are by turns viewed as spoiled dictators, victims, students, consumers, and both audience and actor of their own culture. Childhood is a frequent subject of study for professionals who work with children, a favourite topic for the media, and the subject of a growing body of research.

Children and children’s literature

The theme of the 33rd edition of the Montreuil Children’s Fair reflects current perspectives on children and teens. This vast subject is foundational to children’s literature and, in a wider context, contemporary society. Given the theme’s importance, a special conference – the first of its kind at the Fair – will be held on Monday 4 December for book, culture and childhood professionals.

A range of speakers will provide insight on the complexity of the issues at hand, on how to understand and analyse childhood, and on how perception and approaches to children’s issues has evolved in relation to multiple social, digital, cultural and educational changes.

Ticket prices : 

- Professional training : 170 €
- Individual training : 70 €
- Unemployed : 35 €
- Students : 20 €


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