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Feb. 18th - 20th, 2016Event

FLIC pro

The FLIC Professional is an international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral meeting which reflects the new paradigm of children’s literature as well as the potential of digital media in literature creations.

The conference is open to illustrators, writers, digital and analog creators, publishers, star-ups, mentoring, and financing platforms and all professionals interested in the processes of creative innovation and entrepreneurship in the literary and digital sector.

Designing Literatures, From Paper to Screen


The last decade has been a paradigm shift in the production, development, sales, communication and cultural mediation in which we are immersed. We have moved from the surprise and initial rejection of the intrusion of digital technology in the cultural field.

The children and young literary art is not out of this debate. It is a very interesting moment: it is here and now we have, more than ever, to keep experimenting, reviewing, discussing and innovating on languages ​​and processes of creation, on patterns of production and sale, and mediation and communication formats.

Thanks to the controversy of the last 10 years, there have been very interesting and diverse movements; we have seen emerge  the movement of the creation of artist’s books and self-publishing, we discovered the literary creations artists from other artistic languages, we are experimenting with new sales platforms and communication, etc. All this draws a varied range that makes up the new landscape of children’s literature.

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Entrance price: 75€

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