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Jan. 20th - Feb. 4th, 2018Event

FLIC festival 2018 - Barcelona

For its 8th edition, FLIC festival creates a marvellous spread. Breaking down the old borders between the different artistic fields, it keeps on fighting to make art available for everyone.

FLIC is an experimental cultural festival that proposes to revisit the classical approach of children’s literature. It tries to put together new creative supports to create synergies between different artistic fields. By giving the opportunities to international artists to work together, FLIC wants to promote interdisciplinary creation and stimulate children’s reading desire. The festival highlights international projects and aim to develop literature initiatives for people that usualy have difficulties in getting access to cultural events.  

Transbook will also be at barcelona through its digital kit ! The FLIC festival has curated a beautiful selection of app that would be available on the devices brought by Transbook.

Another very important event is the presence of the Japanese artist Katsumi Komagata who will take part to an exceptional exhibition on February 3rd. Born in Japan in 1953, he studied design and started to write children’s book after the birth of his daughter. In his opinion, a children’s book is first of all a work of art. He works on shapes and colors and plays with materials and volumes, he also gives a particular attention to paper quality and printing techniques. Katsumi Komagata will participate to a creative workshop with the public and will analyze his work in light of the importance of book volumes. 

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