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Dec. 1st, 2017From Paper To Screen

Interactive Writing for Children: success stories

This 2017 edition of the annual From Paper to Screen conference at the Montreuil Children’s Book Fair is the latest in a four-years cycle, dedicated to new forms of writing in children’s literature, as part of the European cooperation project Transbook.

After examining the links between literature, learning and video games in 2014, having drawn up an inventory of new forms of writings in 2015, and highlighting examples of innovative partnerships in 2016, the 2017 From Paper to Screen conference will present a series of international success stories and editorial projects in augmented reality, virtual reality and applications for young audiences.

Creators, illustrators and authors will talk in pairs with the studio that has developed their work and supported their artistic approach.


Gwen Stok (Netherlands) and Paul Bierhaus from yip yip studio -
Valeria Gallo and Alfonso Ochoa from Ocho Gallos (Mexico) -
André Marois (Canada) and the producer Vali Fugulin for « Tout garni » published by La Pastèque -
Anne Vasko (Finland) and Aksel Koie from Step in books studio -
Egmont Mayer (United Kingdom) from studio Red Rabbit for the VR application Little Earth by Chris Haughton -

Great witness: Benjamin Hoguet (France), blogger at Nouvelles narrations -

Led by: Térence Mosca (France), TM consulting.

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- Professional training : 170 €
- Individual training : 70 €
- Unemployed : 35 €
- Students : 20 €


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