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Oct. 13th, 2016Masterclass

David Wiesner’s Spot

The event is organized by the Montreuil Children’s Book Fair, with Gobelins, and is in priority for students of art schools (conference in English).

In 2015, David Wiesner created Spot, a visual and digital adventure inhabited by a multitude of characters, humans, animals, robots, and aliens… The travel through different worlds rendered in gorgeous original artwork by David Wiesner is based on a pinch-and-zoom narration. The application published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt was awarded 2015 Best App for Teaching and Learning—American Association of School Librarians; 2015 Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award, Special Mention Fiction—Bologna Children’s Book Fair; 2015 Pépite de la création numérique at the Montreuil Children’s Book Fair.


Whether it is a book or an app, David Wiesner generally spends several years creating each new project.

Many versions are sketched and revised until the story line flows smoothly and each image works the way he wants it to. He creates three-dimensional models of objects he can’t observe in real life, such as flying pigs and lizards standing upright, to add authenticity to his drawings. His last creation Spot was no exception…

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