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Dec. 2nd - 3rd, 2015MÏCE

The MÏCE appointments

The MÏCE is an international, interprofessional forum where participants can buy and sell rights, share tips and prospect. The MÏCE promotes cooperation across creative industries working with transmedia.

A personalized appointment service

Far from speed datings, the MÏCE offers you personalized appointments suited to your projects and to your editorial policy: an online software and tailored advices provided by the Fair team will be at your disposal to guide you threw your entire scheduling.

An event for French and Foreign publishers, Audiovisual producers, Digital studios, Designers, Artists…

Essential and strategic event, the MÏCE offers the place to prospect new markets, to negociate and sell rights, to contact partners, to develop its network, to discover new trends and new talents, to explore creation in the digital era.

MÏCE Figures 2014

179 professionals from 119 companies

35 production companies
66 french and foreign publishers 16 digital companies
2 illustrators’ agencies

Acces to the From paper to screen Conferences / December 4th

At a time of transmedia creation, the publishing sector still discusses its relationship to digital media. What changes and what are the issues of digital creation for children?

The From Paper to Screen conference allows professionals in the creative industries to reinvent their practices within the digital transition framework.

Contact: Roxane Caillon -