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Dec. 1st - 5th, 2017Événement

The Transbook Hive

Mobile apps, virtual or augmented reality, children’s literature is evolving rapidly. Even if the supports are differents, they still carry the same emotions than comics or traditional books. These innovative medias will be presented at the Montreuil Children’s book fair in the Transbook digital hive.

The digital library :

This project is about exploring differents reading experiences. Digital versions of some books and comics will be broadcasted on wide screens. An intelligent sensor networks will allow visitors to navigate inside the stories. 

The digital Hive :

The digital hive is an invitation to discover new storytelling tools to develop children’s reading habits and imagination. Amongst these "Little Earth", a virtual reality app by Chris Haughton. Developed by  RedRabbit team, it proposes to explore a dreamlike world to understand better global warming effects.

Transbook authors :

After three years, transbook has gathered a european network of author-illustrators. In the framework of its mobility program, Transbook’s ambition is to highlight their crativity and to create work opportunities for them. Some of them will be at the Montreuil Children’s Book Fair to participate to workshops with children’s and professional meetings.

Illustrators and authors that you can meet at the Transbook digital hive :

Kwame Alexander, Pascal Blanchet, Nadia Budde, David A. Carter, Mara Cerri, Sophie Grangerat, Chris Haughton, Isol, Chris Judge, Tatsuya Kameyama, Marjolaine Leray, André Marois, Chiaki Okada, Margaux Othats, Carmen Segovia, Brian Selznick, Isabelle Simier, Gwen Stok, Anne Vasko, Nina Wehrle....