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Icinori reveals their printing techniques

Mayumi Otero and Raphael Urwiller form the artists duo Icinori and develop different printing and screen printing techniques, which allow them to publish books, posters, pop-up books... They currently live and working in Orleans (France). As part of the mobility programme, Icinori was invited at the ELCAF 2015 in London and by our partner ABC to lead 2 masterclasses in Belgium.

Masterclasses in Belgium

In the masterclass in la Cambre, they challenged the students to create print by mixing different kind of techniques.

In the masterclass of St Lucas, they presented the technique of pop-up books by showing many different kind of books. The students were then invited to make their own try-outs by cutting paper. The workshop was part of a larger project in which the students looked for a graphic and visual translation of an ‘Imaginary Island’.