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Masterclass: Paper and Digital Creation

The Masterclass was dedicated to transmedia creation in the children’s literature. Interactivity, hybridization, disruption of linear reading, digital medias open new scope of possibilities in terms of graphic and narrative experiments. Additionnally, it questions the constraints which are currently imposed by the devices, the distribution and diffusion platforms.


Étienne Mineur

Former designer in the video game industry, Étienne mineur co-founded the Éditions Volumiques in 2009 and became the Creative Director.

The Éditions Volumiques is a studio design developing new forms of books, games and toys. The studio questions the relationship that links the object, often made with paper, and digital, to create new concepts by combining different media.

Julie Stephen Chheng

Julie Chheng stephen graduated from the school of Decorative Arts in Paris. Screen printer and illustrator, she creates fun interactive books that can be rotated, folded, handled. her work is inspired by the narrative potential of the evolution of books and her research crosses concrete things and digital, seeking to explore new ways of telling stories.


Illustrator and designer from Cuba, Alberto morales Ajubel created his design studio in Valencia (spain). In 2009, he received the Bologna ragazzi Award for his adaptation of Robinson Crusoe (Plume de Carotte). His version of The Cat That Walk by Himself was included in the selection of the top 5 published books with iBooks Author in 2012. Today, Ajubel continues his work between real and digital with his team and through conferences and workshops.

Ben Newman

Ben Newman is an illustrator whose work is particularly recognizable, thanks to its dynamic shapes, its bright colours and its cheerful characters. he has collaborated, among others, with the Tate, the New York Times, Fantagraphics and selfridges. he regularly works on children’s collection of Nobrow and Flying Eye Books as an Art Director. his works are exhibited worldwide.

James Wilson

Lead Digital Creative, James Wilson is in charge of the new digital catalog of Nobrow ltd., launched at the last International Festival of Comics in Angoulême.