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Seminar: Migration in Children’s Literature

Academics, illustrators and publishers came to Saarbrücken to share their point of view on the topic "Writing between different worlds", in this seminar organized by the Europäische Kinder - und Jugendbuchmesse.

Prof. Dr. Ottmar Ette (University of Potsdam)

Nicola Bardola and Claude K. Dubois talk about "Akim runs"

Nicola Bardola and Christiane Burkhardt

Ulrich Commerçon, Secretary of Education and Culture of Saarland

Nicola Bardola and Mehrnousch Zaeri-Esfahani talk about "Das Mondmädchen"

Dr. Soenke Zehle (HBK Saar): Documentary experiments on the edge of the picture culture

Christiane Frohmann: Digital Publishing as a Performative Clarification

Dr. Faycal Hamouda: the Publishing House in the Dialogue